You are welcome: our technical employees are trained to assist you in finding the best solution for every situation, if necessary, to consider new products, not yet on our catalogue, with characteristic conceived to satisfy client’s special technical requests.

Our commercial employees are ready to elaborate personalized quotation regarding quantities, deliveries and payment terms.


General Manager: Carlo Fumagalli (carlo.fumagalli@eurofixitalia.it)

CEO: Andrea Villa (villa@eurofixitalia.it)


Head Office Besana in Brianza (MB):

Commercial Chief: Ferruccio Ponzoni (ferruccio.ponzoni@eurofixitalia.it)

Italy Commercial Office: Jessika Gariboldi (jessika.gariboldi@eurofixitalia.it)

Export Commercial Office: Paola Ciceri (paola.ciceri@eurofixitalia.it)

Cost Analisys and HRMGrazia Ghezzi (grazia.ghezzi@eurofixitalia.it)

Quality Chief: Raffaele Casiraghi (raffaele.casiraghi@eurofixitalia.it)

Quality Control: William Cozzati (william.cozzati@eurofixitalia.it)

Tech Office: ufficiotecnico@eurofixitalia.it

Logistic: logistica@eurofixitalia.it

Head Office: Arabella Rigido (amministrazione@eurofixitalia.it)

Accounting: Silvia Sormani (contabilita@eurofixitalia.it)


Production Site in Trezzo sull'Adda:

Production Planning: Grazia Ghezzi (grazia.ghezzi@eurofixitalia.it)

Production Chief: Stefano Gatti (stefano.gatti@eurofixitalia.it)

Quality Control: William Cozzati (william.cozzati@eurofixitalia.it)


Subsidiary in Leinì:

Subsidiary Manger: Giulia Udosic (giulia.udosic@eurofixitalia.it)

Commercial OFfice: Francesco Massaro (francesco.massaro@eurofixitalia.it)

Arrivals Acceptance: Luca Dobran (luca.dobran@eurofixitalia.it)

Logistic: Franco Clerico (logistica.leini@eurofixitlia.it)


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